In 2020, the MODALES project produced a report on the legal situation regarding tampering (Deliverable 2.3, led by Spark Legal Network, available here under WP2 deliverables).

Since then, our partner Spark has been building a set of recommendations based on the legal data collection and analysis carried out so far, and the next step is to validate these with external experts. If your expertise and experience covers legal aspects related to road vehicles (type approval, inspection tampering, etc.) we would like to hear from you via the short survey below.

The draft recommendations are divided into four categories: 1) the definition of tampering in the context of light duty vehicles, 2) legal requirements placed on manufacturers, 3) specific anti-tampering legislation, and 4) enforcement and penalties.

The survey consists of a series of legal actions for which respondents should indicate the extent to which they should be prioritised, and their reasoning. It is not compulsory to answer all questions to take part in the survey.

If you represent a stakeholder such as a vehicle manufacturer, type approval authority, technical services, or inspection agency, we would welcome your input to the survey, which can be accessed here until 9 September.

Thank you in advance for your time and feedback!