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ITS Portugal

ITS Portugal’s website, 19 May 2021. Read more.

Source: ITS Portugal

RACC Newsletter

RACC Newsletter, May 2021. Read more.

Source: RACC

LIST projects selected as part of Luxembourg’s "STROUM BEWEEGT" initiative

The five successful LIST projects selected for the initiative and hailing from two departments at LIST; Environmental Research and Innovation (ERIN) and IT for Innovative Services (ITIS) are as follows […]. Read more.

Source: LIST

Partnerships to improve the environmental impact of products

The transport sector has to tackle the challenges posed by climate change and air pollution. Brembo, through its Research and Development activity, monitors the continuous evolution of the sector, directing research into the best braking system toward solutions able to meet the challenges of the future such as electrification, autonomous driving and digitalisation. Read more.

Source: Brembo

RACC newsletter featuring MODALES interview - Article in Catalan
Fusing Wireless Network Data to Analyse Indoor Social Distancing

LIST has established expertise in this research area, having worked on both indoor geolocation and user profiling models through projects such as the H2020 project MODALES, which aims to investigate how driving behaviour correlates with vehicle emissions  Read more.


LIST takes the initiative to create the smart cities of the future - Article in English

The development of so-called smart cities has become a priority for governments worldwide as the pace of urbanisation quickens. According to the United Nations, more than half of the world’s population now live in urban areas, and urbanisation is a major phenomenon in almost every country across the globe. Read more.

Source: ITOne, Luxembourg

History of OPINA

TTIS organizes many collaborative EU and national R&D projects with the members of e-Hike and e-Hikelink. Some existing and recent projects are as follows […]. Read more.

Source: Opina project

ERTICO to lead new European clean mobility project - Article in English

The impact of road traffic on local air quality is a major policy concern and MODALES (MOdify Drivers’ behavior to Adapt for Lower EmissionS) is a new EU research project that will contribute to a reduction in pollution from all types of motorized vehicles by encouraging the adoption of low-emission oriented driving behavior and maintenance choice. Read more.

Source: Traffic Technology Today

Maintaining your vehicle and modifying your driving behavior to reduce polluting emissions: the MODALES research project - Article in French

The objective of the MODALES project is to substantially reduce the air pollution created by motorized vehicles, by encouraging drivers to adopt virtuous behavior both in terms of driving and maintaining their vehicle. Read more

Source: Cerema

MODALES: Reducing air pollution by modifying user behaviour - Article in English

From September 2019, FIA Region I will participate in the new EU research project MODALES (MOdify Drivers’ behaviour to Adapt for Lower EmissionS). Read more.

Source: FIA

HORIZON 2020 project MODALES inaugural meeting of which UTAS is one of the partners was held in Brussels - Article in Turkish

MODALES is one of the most important projects prepared to improve the relationship between vehicle power unit, brake, tire and driver, including air quality particles. Retrofit, vehicle inspection and regular maintenance relationships will also be covered within the scope of the project. Read more

Source: OKAN University

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 815189.