Pilot Sites


User pilots are key aspects for testing with end-users and validating the development as well as for creating a large data collection system to profile a driver’s behaviour as WP3 identified, carrying out an application that will act as a demonstration platform for the project’s key objectives, and to open it up for future exploitation after project completion.

This task will validate all the hypotheses and models developed in the project. The main way to measure these aspects will be via the mobile app and the web platform developed in WP5, which will allow the collection, analysis and recommendation of actions to be performed by a particular driver profile.









Sample groups will consist of both private and professional drivers (e.g. of professional drivers: sales representatives, taxi drivers, courier companies, delivery drivers, inner city goods delivery for supermarkets and shops, public authority drivers, NRMM – non-road mobile machinery).

Vehicles will be passenger cars, light-duty vehicles (LDV – vans and light trucks), heavy-duty vehicles (HDV – trucks and buses), and NRMM.

In the first period of recorded driving (baseline), the drivers will not use any MODALES tool and this period will last 6 months. The second period will also last 6 months and the drivers have to use the MODALES tools (app on smartphones with an OBD reader installed).

The data will be stored on the device and frequently sent by the user and/or the mobile device itself to a central server for filtering and time series interruption checks. The driver will be reminded to use the application through the social media and time related messages to his/her smartphone (e.g. before starting and finishing work).

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 815189.